Wall Tie-backs

Wall Tiebacks When your wall has both cracking and moderate movement, you are a candidate for this type of repair. Wall Tiebacks are mainly used when the goal is to prevent any further lateral movement. The advantage to wall tiebacks is the cost factor. This type of repair is generally one half of the cost of rebuilding a foundation. Also a lifetime warranty against failure.

The main goal for a wall tieback system is STABILIZATION.

The Anchors are installed from the interior side of the foundation. The block wall is cored for access to the helix. An extension rod with 8" helix is spun into the soil at approximately a 22 degree angle, once the proper holding strength is obtained a threaded rod is brought back through the wall and a retaining plate with washer and bolt or attached.

There are cases where a customer may want the wall to move back close to the original position. With this type of scenario we would do the exact same installation along with full excavation to remove any resistence, we would then jack the pressure off of the wall and attempt to move the structure back to as close to original as possible. With the wall being excavated, it is always our practice to waterproof seal the wall and replace all footer drains and storm sewers in work area.

Wall Tie-backs

Wall Tie-Backs

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